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The Team

Cold Spring is passionate, thoughtful and flexible. We specialize in producing top-notch custom websites to fit small and medium-size companies' budgets. We believe great design belongs in everyone's lives, not just those with extra money to spend.

We work from home offices except when we're working together, or at client sites, on the road or in the woods. We're available for our clients and expect them to treat us with the same respect, intensity, professionalism and humor that we treat them. We consider pursuing dreams, playing daily and having fun to be as important as great design and live in search of all of the above.

We currently outsource some SEO, development, copywriting and photography but only to professionals that we know, like and trust. Otherwise the team you see is the team that's invested in building the best website for your company.


Jeff Lerman

Cold Spring Responsibilities...

  • Promoting Cold Spring, chatting with new and existing clients and picking up new gigs
  • Leading clients and team to create the best marketing communications solutions
  • Troubleshooting web development issues to keep projects rolling
  • Setting up hosting and very occasionally breaking out the duct tape when something goes wrong
  • Rolling up his sleeves and helping with website maintenance

When not in the office, Jeff is...

  • Enjoying life with his wife & kids
  • Taking care of his gardens and chickens
  • Reading, playing Scrabble, or yes, he just snuck back into the office.
  • Coaching or playing volleyball or, on those too-rare occasions, backpacking

Most obstinate thing Jeff has ever done...

Apply to medical schools claiming Stephen King's "The Stand" as his favorite book, rather than kissing butt and supplying a literary/scholarly title. The bad news was this resulted in another spot on a waiting list. The good news is he didn't end up as a medical doctor.

Most important non-family decision...

  • Appreciate everything
  • The first step is often the only thing between you and your dreams
  • People are more important than things; most things only weigh you down

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Erik Drouhard
Web Designer

Cold Spring Responsibilities...

  • Cultivate his website development skills using HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Aid his colleagues with website maintenance and design ideas
  • Craft unique custom designs using Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Staying up to date with web design & development trends.
  • Continue speeding up his time on task as well as the effectiveness of his workflow.

When not in the office, Erik is...

  • Keeping active, playing basketball, going to the gym, playing golf or possibly snowboarding in the winter.
  • Reading up on all the latest in tech
  • Playing with the new family dog!
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Watching a movie or listening to music

Most obstinate thing Erik has ever done...

He pursued different careers in digital media, such as 3D animation and video editing, longer than he should have – two years to be precise. Although he found all the concepts fascinating, in practice none really grabbed his interest as much as web design. On the bright side, at least he finally figured out what discipline fit him best.

Most important non-family decision...

Jumping out of an airplane 15,000 feet in the air. Some lessons learned:

  • As the saying goes "without risk there is no reward"
  • Wear ear plugs next time
  • When you think you're at 15,000 feet you're more likely only at about 5,000...

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Rachel Aubin
Project Manager

Cold Spring Responsibilities...

  • Whipping the project management into shape
  • Wrangling Jeff's ideas on system improvements and attempting to put them into action
  • Pinch-hitting on website content placement and maintenance work
  • Acquiring SEO knowledge (and anything else she can sponge up)

When not in the office, Rachel is...

  • Running, running and more running
  • Flexing her culinary muscles and sharing the results with friends
  • Crafting, anything from knitting to handmade jewelry
  • Hanging out with (or likely picking up after) her spazzy dog Doyle

Most obstinate thing Rachel has ever done...

Graduated college a year early JUST because she could. There were obvious benefits of doing so, but drawbacks as well, like not being able to go abroad for a semester... and not being able to drink at graduation.

Most important non-family decision...

The first time she "ran away from home," a solo road trip at age 23. Along the way, she learned:

  • Distance gives perspective
  • Spontaneity is exhilarating
  • You can take as many rest stops as you want

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In Memoriam for Tally
Vice President of Fuzziness

Thoughts in the blog

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