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We Maintain

You're an expert at your business, right? Well, we're web designers. While we can build websites with content management systems, all CMS - by definition - constrain content. That means less flexibility for your business. So do you:

  • Have the design skills to layout copy in an expert manner?
  • Know how to find, purchase, crop, size and layout photos, videos and other assets?
  • Always remember your password and understand the content management system?
  • Have the time to take away from your job and put towards updating your website?

Cold Spring handles routine site maintenance in a 3-business-day window and schedules larger maintenance tasks appropriately. We bill on a time + materials basis and will arrange maintenance plans to suit your business. And not only do we handle your updates perfectly, we also frequently spot other things that can be improved on your website in the process.

Thoughts in the blog

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